Facilitator: someone who makes progress easier.

The success of a process improvement initiative relies on your organization to collaborate with synergy in order to work more effectively.  As facilitators we strive to guide everyone to do their best process oriented thinking.  It is our role to help you tailor solutions that align with your vision and values.

Facilitation Services

We will work with you to engage the people who do the work as well as key stakeholders in your process improvement initiative.  Here is a sample of our facilitation and training service offerings:

Process Initiative Planning

  • Articulating the Vision and Gaining Initiative Approval
  • Defining Process Goals
  • Developing Project Charters
  • Creating a RACI Initiative Model:
    • Project Sponsors and Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In
    • SME’s (Subject Matter Experts)
    • Contributing Organizational Resources
  • Developing Change Management and Communication Plans

Process Documentation and Modeling

  • Documenting current state process organization and flows
  • Capturing process supporting information:
    • Who performs the work
    • Identifying Inputs and Outputs, and Systems
  • Prioritizing improvement opportunities
    • Creating role clarity
    • Eliminating wastes
    • Enhancing technology
  • Designing Future State Process Models
  • Conduct “press conference” reviews

Training and Coaching

  • Establishing a continuous improvement program
  • Maintaining process documentation and inventories
  • How to use process documentation tools utilizing best practice techniques
  • Creating process system business requirements
  • Creating process narratives